Historical picture of Cranes and Equipment


Since our humble beginnings in 1982, Joan Ausbury & Don Wheeler started Cranes & Equipment Corp. with the idea to get customers a quality product and back it with proper parts and service after the sale. Starting out with building form handling trucks for the companies doing poured wall foundations, to expanding to satisfying crane requirements to all different industries. They passed down their years of knowledge and values of dedication to our current staff to ensure we maintain the same standard of service. Whether it is material handling, oil industry, marine applications, tree care work, or form handling; we continue to build custom packages to help our customers achieve their full potential.


How often should I grease my crane?

Depends on usage, but minimum once a month. You can check with your operator/maintenance manual from the manufacturer as well.

How often should I change filters and oil?

We recommend changing pressure & return filters twice a year and hydraulic oil once a year during your annual inspection.

How often should I have an inspection done?

Once a year.

Is it required to have electronics/computer on the crane?

It is not required to have an electronic load limiting device. A hydraulic load limiting device meets requirements.

Where is Copma knuckle boom cranes made?

Ravenna, Italy

Does the operator need to be certified?

Answer: Depends on industry and how the crane is being used.