Copma 450.5J3 Form Handling Package

Copma 450.5J3
Copma 450 | Form Handling Cranes


Our Copma 450.5J3 is becoming our most popular form handling crane with a jib. With the capability of 2,570 lbs. at 71′ 9″ you can easily get your standard baskets to where you need them. As shown in the load chart with the jib fully retracted you can do 3,420 lbs. at 57′ 4″, making it possible to take your heavier baskets out further. As with all of our Copma 450 models it has continuous rotation and options for radio remote and rotator for the hook.

Our standard form handling packages are utilizing a 102″ wide by 24′ long bed, so you have plenty of room for your baskets. We can custom build this in any way you prefer to meet your needs.

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Crane Details

Condition: New
Manufacturer: Copma
Jib Extensions: 3
Manual Extension: N/A
Year: 2020
Model: 450.5J3
Number of Extensions: 5
Radio Remote: Optional

Truck Details

Truck Condition: New
Manufacturer: Western Star
Mileage: 100
Engine: Detriot DD13
Transmission: Allison Automatic or Eaton 8LL
Year: 2021
Model: 4700
Hours: 10
Horsepower: 470
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