Copma 950.8J6 Grapple Saw

Copma 950
Copma 950 | Grapple Saw Cranes | New


The Copma 950.8J6 is our newest addition to the grapple saw lineup. As with our other grapple saw cranes, this has the extra functions to the tip with no diverter valves. With the 5/8″ hoses going to the grapple it allows for max flow to get the best performance from the Mecanil grapple saw. With this larger crane it is mounted behind the truck cab. We have the option to mount the rear supplemental outriggers over the top of the frame (like our 650 model) or underneath that is more traditional. Our two front bumper outriggers are mounted on the outside of the front frame extension allowing for better stability out the front. The truck is 100% stable 360 degrees with outriggers fully out and down at full load chart. The total truck length is just over 30′ long, allowing for great turning radius to get into those tight areas. Need more storage or more bed space? No problem Cranes and Equipment has been custom building knuckle boom packages to suit our customer needs since 1982!

Crane Details

Condition: New
Manufacturer: Copma
Jib Extensions: 6
Manual Extension: 5 position
Year: 2021
Model: 950.8J6 Grapple Saw
Number of Extensions: 8
Radio Remote: Scanreco

Truck Details

Truck Condition: New
Manufacturer: Western Star
Mileage: 100
Engine: DD13
Transmission: Allision Automatic
Year: 2022
Model: 4700
Hours: 10
Horsepower: 470
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